TherapySelect non-profit gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

In 2019, we founded the non-profit company TherapySelect non-profit gUG (haftungsbeschränkt) alongside the existing company TherapySelect Dr. Frank Kischkel in order to be able to help cancer patients even better.

The differentiation of the companies:

TherapySelect non-profit (TSnp)

  • TSnp will take over all development parts of our technology CTR-Test (see and 
  • make the diagnostic test available to laboratories around the world as an open source option or as a cooperative option, 
  • ensuring the quality of the test in all laboratories worldwide.

TherapySelect Dr. Frank Kischkel (TSFK)

  • TSFK offers various diagnostic tests, including the CTR test, for patients, physicians and hospitals. 
  • The aim of the cancer patient coaching service is to help patients understand their disease, diagnostic and therapeutic options so that they can participate in decision-making and therapy. Nowadays this is called "patient empowerment".

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