Online Form for Donations via SEPA Direct Debit

You can support us by allowing us to withdraw an amount you specify from your account via SEPA Direct Debitting.

Additional information:

  1. The advantage is that we do not have any percentages to pay for third-party services. The entire amount will reach our company.
  2. Please consider as an alternative even the option via PayPal direct. As a non-profit organizatin we do not have to pay percentages to PayPal either. The debit card option will cost percentages for the cedit card company.
  3. We do not need your address, except you want to have a donation receipt. In this case the address is mandatory.
  4. You can donate for our activites or select a specific project. Please specify this in the indicated text field below.
in Euro
The company pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. A special focus is on oncology. You can choose whether the donation is earmarked for a specific purpose or can be used freely.
Specify the use of the donations if they are to be tied to a very specific purpose.
Please let us know, whether and if, when you want to receive the donation receipt. In order to receive a donation receipt, the address data below are mandatory.
Please confirm that you have noticed our Data Privacy Declaration.
Please choose, whether you want to receive information about our activities.